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 "The mediation today was truly superior"

"The mediators tackled a challenge masterfully. It was a wise decision to have the parents in the same room together so the mediators could see first hand what the difficulty was about. When the parents had trouble suggesting solutions, the mediators stepped in and proposed their own suggestions. Their compassionate attention to the details are much appreciated by this attorney for one of the parents. They assisted me in trying to move toward solution instead of litigation. For all you do for families, I thank you."

Patricia Campbell, Attorney, Nashville


"the best mediation experience I've ever had"

"I just wanted to thank you for supporting us in creating this agreement. This was the best mediation experience I've ever had, and I was quite nervous from the start, but you handled it very well. I only wish we had known about you sooner. As you said, a good agreement is one where both parties feel they got something, and they gave up something. I do feel that way. I'm so glad that you were able to help me see that because at the time I was so focused on this one piece we HADN'T agreed on that I didn't see everything we HAD agreed on. Also, the validation you offered about how we try to speak respectfully to one another even when we're emotional, was so helpful and supportive. It doesn't feel that way in those moments, so having an outside perspective reflecting back the positive aspects of the relationship between us was very helpful in cooling down rising tensions."

(Name withheld for confidentiality)
Nashville, TN


"Ratcheting down the tensions"

"Your work with creating a temporary agreement went a long way toward ratcheting down the tensions in the family."

(Name withheld for confidentiality)
Nashville, TN


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